Maya Lin, A Strong Clear Vision

Previous to watching this documentary I had never heard of Maya Lin or her work designing memorials. I had also never seen any of the memorials she had designed that were present in the film. I think that Maya Lin is a very creative, dedicated and strong individual. She stood up to opposition and persevered against all odds to create the Vietnam Memorial. It saddens me to think that some individuals were against her design even after it had been chosen just because she was a woman and of Asian descent. Neither of these in my opinion were good reasons to oppose the selection of her design. I am glad that in the end her design was chosen and that she was honored by many Vietnam veterans for her work in creating a memorialĀ that truly cut right to the heart and allowed people to reflect and grieve. All of her pieces in the film were simplistic yet spoke volumes to viewers. She had a way of getting past all the frills to the heart of a memorials purpose.

My favorite memorial presented in this film that she created was the Civil Rights Memorial. I love her use of Martin Luther Kingsā€™ quote, water, a circle and a chronological listing of important events from the civil rights movement. It touched my heart deeply to see all the people gathered around the memorial in a circle, touching the events forever etched in time, creating ripples in the water as they remembered loved ones and their history. Maya Lin is a remarkable artist and architect all in one and as a fellow artist myself I admire her work and dedication.


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