Whale Rider

I truly enjoyed Whale Rider. It was a beautiful film that introduced to me aspects of a culture that I had previously known nothing about. I fond myself sympathizing with the young girl who was not wanted by either her father or grandfather. The way she was treated just because she was the girl who lived seemed very unfair to me. I liked her spunk and determination to learn the old ways despite her grandfather’s objections. She had a genuine heart that made her a good leader and I am glad that her grandfather finally realized that in the end. I found myself wanted to cry right along with her when her grandfather did  not come to her school performance. I am glad that she lived and everything worked out in the end. I enjoyed the ending watching all of the tribal people, performing their ceremony and going back to the old ways. It truly was a proud moment not only grandfather and granddaughter, but the whole tribe. I highly recommend this movie.


November 30, 2010. Movie Reflections.

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