Curtains @ The Avo

I had the privilege of attending The Musical Comedy Whodunit Curtains at the Avo Playhouse in Vista on Halloween. I have never attended anything like it before. I have always loved mysteries and someday hope to have the opportunity to attend a mystery dinner theatre. This was the closest I have come so far. It was funny, entertaining and kept you guessing the whole time as to who was the murderer.

This comedy is set inside a theatre where the leading lady in the up and coming broadway musical flop Robin Hood is murdered after giving a horrible performance. She faints after giving her final bow and it is discovered that she was murdered by poison. The police send in Lt. Cioffi to investigate and discover who murdered the leading lady. The entire cast, crew and producers are all possible suspects and nobody is confessing up to the crime, so Lt. Cioffi places them all under “theatre” arrest until the case is resolved.  Lt. Cioffi has his favorite actress that he takes into his confidence and is determined to solve the crime. Everyone has their suspicions, but things heat up when the producer is found hung backstage. Now there are two murders and no murderer to be found. Everyone is fearing for their life and suspicion of some individuals is increasing. Lt. Cioffi uncovers a secret and starts questioning certain members of the cast as to why they are a part of the production. In the end the mystery is solved and Robin Hood becomes the hit Broadway musical that it was intended to be. As a courtesy to others I will not reveal the murderer. If you want to know who did it, go see curtains.

Not only was it a funny and entertaining show, but the acting was phenomenal. The main character Georgia, who took over the murdered leading ladies role in Robin Hood had an amazing voice. It was thrilling to watch her sing. The cast as a whole did a great job singing and portraying their characters. Overall it was a delightful afternoon full of laughter and mystery. I was totally surprised at the end when the murderer was revealed. I had my suspicions, but like any good mystery goes it wasn’t anyone I suspected.


November 4, 2010. Art Events.

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