Songcatcher was a wonderful film full of beautiful ballads. The ballads were my favorite part of the whole film. I loved it when the young girl would sing them. She had such a beautiful voice. The ballads themselves were full of lyrics that reflected love, culture, story telling, and humor. I am glad that Miss Pennlyric’s attitude changed over time as she spent time with the mountain people. I don’t think she ever planned on exploiting them for profit, but I don’t think in the beginning she understood anything about how her actions would effect the people who treasured the ballads and their unique way of life. It was after the fire that I beleive she began to see things cleary and had a change of heart. Overall I liked the movie, not only for opeing my eyes to an unfamiliar culture and it’s beautiful music, but also for it’s entertainment value. This film contained some action, adventure, mystery and a love story, all of which are great aspects of film.


September 19, 2010. Movie Reflections.

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