Mi Familia

Mi Familia

The movie Mi Familia is a great movie about the struggles and triumph of a Mexican-American family. I find it hard to believe that their father walked two years to reach Los Angeles and then when their mother was forcibly taken away and deported she traveled all that same distance with her son in order to return to her family. This reminded me of the determination of the three girls in Rabbit-Proof Fence to make it home to the safety of their family. One of my favorite scenes early in the movie is when Paco teaches the local boys the mambo, because I understand the thrill that comes with teaching young children, it is my passion and educational goal. I found the focus of the movie to be the youngest son Jimmy and I felt my heart breaking for him many times as he faced so much heartbreak. First he was eye witness to his brother being shot by the cops, then his wife dies at childbirth and then his own son doesn’t want him in his life. Not forgetting the two terms that he serves in jail. I was excited when he finally learned to fall in love with his wife, get a job, be happy and begin to heal from his wounds. It was almost too much when Isabella dies and Carlitos want accept him as father. I am happy that in the end Carlitos and Jimmy are able to reconcile unlike Jimmy’s father and brother. I cannot relate to many aspects of this movie, but I found myself reminded of my own families struggles that we faced over the years from my parents’ divorce, to my brothers anger that resulted in many holes in the wall, to gang activity, to the time my brother was shot in a drive by (luckily just his finger, which the doctor saved) and many other incidents that were hard to deal with. Each one of us has our own story of family struggles and triumphs.


September 10, 2010. Movie Reflections.

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